Step by step instructions

1.You are kindly asked to sign up to our project by filling out this form:

We will verify your data and send you a formal invitation/confirmation and a badge to your email. You will also receive an invitation to our hub space/ our Microsoft Teams. Most of our resources will be also published on our main website. 

2.Your school’s name and address will be published on our digital map.

3.You will be added to our Microsoft Teams (MT) and you can start exploring all the channels we have created. 

Please have a quick look at Michael Harvey’s video which explains the most important features of Microsoft Teams.

4.At this point you can introduce yourself to our community. 

5.Spread the word about our project and invite your co-teachers, friends, colleagues to join you. 

6.Decide which international events you would like to focus on.

7.Check the resources we publish on our MT channel related to your selected event/events.

8.Fill out the form called “ Online sessions” so that you can connect with classrooms all over the world synchronously. We suggest that you contact teachers via email so that you can find the most suitable time and date for your online session/ sessions. Using the Online session activity is a very powerful tool which will enable your students to meet peers from all over the world and help them build their first global learning network.  We encourage you to run at least one online session per month.

9.Share your students’ work on our MT, social media networking sites. If you plan to use Twitter, use the hashtag #singlevoicesglobalchoices

10.Participate in discussions with educators from all the world on our MT. Exchange ideas, share your worries and best practices, build your professional learning network. 

11.Suggest resources, assignments and interactive tasks for our whole community.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. At the end of the project, certificates of participation will be awarded to teachers who have participated in this project.