This global project will start in September 2020 and finish in April 2021. The project is open to middle and high school students and teachers from all over the world who believe in the power of global connections and who want to bring the real world into their classrooms.

We are going to do that by focusing every month on one or more international event/ events created by the United Nations and other organizations and by analyzing current events. International days are occasions to educate our students on issues of concern, to mobilize political will and resources, to address global problems and to celebrate and reinforce the achievements of humanity. The existence of international days predates the establishment of the United Nations but is also a powerful advocacy tool that may help us empower our students and create global citizens who are aware of the wider world, have a sense of their role as world citizens, respect and value diversity, want to tackle social justice, and believe that all children and young people have a right to an education.

Each international day offers the opportunity to organize activities related to the theme of the day at our schools. The themes of international days we have selected will always link to:

  • the maintenance of international peace and security;
  • the promotion of sustainable development and global mindedness;
  • the protection of human rights, and the guarantee of international law and humanitarian action. 

By checking our “Timeline“, you will see events we plan to explore every single month. Do not hesitate to add new events to the list. Every month you will find a list of suggested resources, practical tips, assignments, roleplays, and digital tools you may use in your classroom. All these materials will be shared in our closed Microsoft Teams group which will be created during the first week of August. 

The main aims of this global and collaborative project are to:

  • infuse curriculums with more project-based learning and exposure to real-world examples; 
  • empower students by giving them the opportunity to co-create knowledge and learn through mistakes in a safe environment;
  • support students in becoming familiar with the professional environment and behaviours such as clear and timely communication, thinking critically, problem-solving and time management;
  • help students to see how their achievements are based upon more than just the grades they earn in class, but also the experiences they develop during their lessons

Upon completion of this project, students will:

  • define real world problems and find solutions;
  • meet international students and become a part of a global community;
  • participate in thought-provoking conversations and self–reflection activities that  challenge students to investigate global problems;
  • gain factual knowledge of human rights and environmental issues;
  • learn and expand their digital citizenship skills;
  • be challenged to share the information they learn; 
  • develop their global competency.

​Students in today’s classrooms, growing up to be global citizens and leaders of the future, will require a remarkable insight into challenges our world faces, people and cultures across the world, and an unprecedented concern for the well-being of the world community. Join our project if you believe these issues matter and you want your teaching to revolve around them.

The project will run for eight months. In this time students and teachers will connect, share and collaborate around project design and implementation.

This project has a nice loose structure that can be applied to various student groups and virtually all classes! You, as an educator, decide how much time you want to devote to this project and which global issues matter to your students. We encourage you to give your students a voice and a choice and to invite guest speakers from all over the world into your classrooms. 

The Framework for Single Voices, Global Choices



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