Meet the Team


Lesley is an education and education technology doctoral researcher.

She is a secondary-school teacher and a doctoral researcher in the field of Education and Education Technology specialising in language learning and teaching with the Open University’s CREET (Centre of Research in Education and Education technology). Her interest in this area stems from having worked as a secondary school English teacher in South Italy for three decades, the last of which has been dedicated to experimenting with Information and Technology in order to motivate her students.


Lynn Thomas is a secondary school English teacher at Dunnville Secondary School in Dunnville, Ontario. She serves as a digital lead learner in Grand Erie District School Board, is the treasurer for the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario, is an active member of Microsoft’s educator learning community as a Microsoft Fellow, a Skype Master Teacher, and a Minecraft Trainer. Lynn is also an HP Teaching Fellow, a National Geographic Certified Educator, and is a part of the Kakuma Academy curriculum development team, leading on English. Lynn writes a blog at covering her many interests and experiences in education including making learning relevant and supportive by teaching the UNSustainable Development Goals, incorporating mental health and wellness, socialemotional learning, collaborating globally, and using educational technology to increase accessibility and inclusivity.


Barbara is a global educator, learning designer, and educational technologist. In her teaching of English, Barbara focuses on the power of international projects, the pedagogical use of ICT tools, learner empowerment, SDGs, entrepreneurship, innovation and connections-based learning. Several of her global and collaborative projects have received international recognition and awards. Barbara is passionate about helping young people find meaning and purpose through project-based learning and experiential education. In May 2019, she published Keys to Educational Success: The Teaching Methods of a Top 10 Finalist of the Global Teacher Prize. In her book, Barbara gives personal insight into her teaching strategies and approaches that have helped her bring innovation into her curriculum and meet the needs of the learners of today and tomorrow. Through many examples and practical tips, she shows how giving students a voice and a choice, cultivating a lifelong learning mindset, allowing students to shape their learning and letting students follow their passions and interests has made her a successful and renowned educator. She also serves as an ambassador in the following organisations: eTwinning, HundrED, Varkey Foundation, Teach SDGs and Education Influence.