1.What is the SingleVoicesGlobalChoices Project?

It is a global and collaborative project for middle and high school students and teachers. It is free and self-paced. Teachers decide how much time they want to devote to it, how many classes they want to sign up and how often they want their students to connect with peers from other countries.

2.What grade levels is the BTWIYC project designed for?

It is designed for students aged 10-18 attending schools all over the world. Teachers are welcome to readapt the main task to the needs of their learners. 

3.When does the project start and finish?

The official launch of this project is on the first of September  2020. The project will finish on the first of April 2021. 

4.Who can join this global project?

Students, teachers and parents are welcome to join this year’s project.

5.Why did we create this project?

For the past eight years, we have been actively engaged in global and collaborative projects. As educators, who try to bring the world to our classrooms, we could not imagine another school year without global partnerships. Expanding our students’ horizons, creating our own PLNs and  global learners and citizens who are aware of global issues are the main reasons why we have created a new global project. If you want to check our previous global projects, check the following websites “Sustainable Consumption Project“,  ” Be the Change, Take the Challenge 1819“, “Be the Change, Take the Challenge”, and The Universe is Made of Tiny Stories“. 

Besides, we feel passionate about global connections and want to help you connect with schools from all over the world. We believe that such open, free of charge and flexible projects may transform education and create a more just and equitable society.

6.Where can I get more information?

The best way is to check our main website and Twitter. Our hashtag is #bringingtheworldtoyourclassroom. You may also contact  Lesley and Barbara by filling out the form published on our website.

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